Stoll Rotary Hay Rakes

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Location of Item:via Zaffiro 1/3 Grosseto , Italy ITALY
Year of Manufacture:-
Details:Category: Rotary Hay Rakes TWO - IMPELLERS CARDANO...

Stoll 28

$746 (£502)
Stoll 28
Location of Item:Semmelweis 15 , Derecske HUNGARY
Year of Manufacture:1998
Details:Category: Rotary Hay Rakes Munkára fogható állapotban....

Stoll 1800 S

Stoll 1800 S
Location of Item:Nordstr. 1 , Schora GERMANY
Year of Manufacture:1999
Details:Category: Rotary Hay Rakes Stoll Drive 1800S Arbeitsbreite 7,50m Seitenschwader 2 Kreisel Lenkachse , Gezogen, Hydraulische Klappung, Schwadleitbleche, Nac...

Stoll UM410

Stoll UM410
Location of Item:VIA GANDHI 61/63 , Macerata ITALY
Year of Manufacture:1996
Details:Category: Rotary Hay Rakes cm. 420 di lavoro, cardano...

Stoll Drive 4454 DS 4454 DS

$2,883 (£1,940)
Stoll Drive 4454 DS 4454 DS
Location of Item:Semmelweis 15 , Derecske HUNGARY
Year of Manufacture:2002
Details:Category: Rotary Hay Rakes Importból, munkára fogható állapotban....

Stoll R 4204DS

Stoll R 4204DS
Location of Item:ZI La Bottière , Bressuire FRANCE
Year of Manufacture:2005
Details:Category: Rotary Hay Rakes ...

Jf-Stoll 1605

$7,726 (£5,199)
Jf-Stoll 1605
Location of Item:Navervej 1 , Hjallerup DENMARK
Year of Manufacture:2008
Details:Category: Rotary Hay Rakes Pæn JF1605S rotorrive....

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